How to Enter TellDunkin Survey

Almost everyone loves sweet or have a weakness for sweets. And if you love sweets or donuts,you must have come across the donut giant,Dunkin Donuts. If not, please taste them as soon as you can.

Dunkin Donuts’ tagline says,“Eating something sweet is the best way to cure every pain in our heart”. Dunkin Donuts is already well known for its quality and hygiene. Though the logo has undergone a lot of changes, the ingredients and the quality has remained constantly throughout. Now Dunkin Donuts aims to be more popular and earn fame all around the globe. TellDunkin is Dunkin Donuts’ survey website. TellDunkin is aimed to facilitate the process of customer feedback and satisfaction and making it another mechanism to impress customers.

Dunkin Donuts has a leading tendency in the confectionery market and has been active for almost 68 years now. Founded in 1950, by William Rosenberg and first store opened was in Quincy,Massachusetts. Now the company’s annual sale is about 900 million doughnuts and 1.5 billion cup of coffee. Actually, it was named “Open Kettle”. Gradually,its quality,value for money and hygienic food and beverages attracted customers,and make it widely successful. Dunkin Donuts earn a yearly revenue of about 828.9 million US dollars. Rightly called the leader of confectionery market!

How to enter TellDunkin Survey

Steps to Participate in TellDunkin Survey

  • Visit the official TellDunkin site to participate in the survey, .
  • You need to select English or Spanish as your preferred language and need to fill the survey according to the language selected.
  • The receipt or the 18 digit code printed on the receipt is must to take part in the survey.
  • Enter the 18 digit code and click on “Start” to join the survey.
  • You also need to fill the 6 digit Store number printed on the receipt when asked.
  • You also have to fill the date and time of your visit to the store.
  • Then,answer the questions asked in the survey and provide the necessary feedbacks and do as directed.
  • Lastly,you need to fill your name and email id.

Every big firm has to adopt some technical or business related changes and may have to add some extra efforts to keep the customer flow increasing. In this 21st Century, where competition is very tough, changing your marketing and publicity techniques is never late. So, this survey website of Dunkin Donuts, (that is TellDunkin) has gained huge popularity and positive response and never has failed to bring in more customers regularly.

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How To Enter TellDunkin Survey
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